First Time With A Teen Escort

Marty, a 35 year old man who was quite over-weight, was afraid that he would probably die a virgin. Ladies never looked at him twice, and he assumed it was because they were disgusted by him. This rejection led him to have even lower self-esteem, and he would turn to food for comfort. Just like any other man, Marty longed for the day that he would feel the warmth of a lady and finally get to experience his first time.

He had tried dating sites, but once a woman decided to meet him things never got past the dinner. So Marty watched porn a lot to relieve some of his sexual needs. His favorite ones involved young teen girls, but that were still of legal age to have sex. The innocent looking girls turned him on, and he decided that he was going to find a way to experience this for himself. He contacted an escort agency https://londonxcity/escorts so he could hire a young teen escort to have sex with him.

Marty picked a sexy teen escort to give him his first time sexual experience. He made all the necessary arrangements to treat her like a real girlfriend by ordering dinner to his house and having candles set up in the bedroom. When the young lady finally arrived Marty almost lost it. He immediately wanted to jump on her right then and there. What made him really happy was the fact that she did not express disgust when she saw him and instead treated him like a real man. They dined while listening to romantic music before they headed to the bedroom.

After some heavy petting, Marty was hard, and the beautiful young girl’s pussy was soaking wet. She got on top of him, and Marty experienced something that was just out of this world as he felt his penis in a girl’s love hole for the very first time. He could not control himself, bursting a load after just a few minutes. Although he was embarrassed at first, the girl made him feel at ease as they proceeded to make love again and again.

Marty tipped the young teen escort well for the heavenly experience she had provided for him. They still hook up once in a while where they enjoy wild sexual sessions together. Today, Marty no longer keeps quiet when his mates talk about their “scoring” experiences as he also has some hot stories to share thanks to the expert services of his young teen escort.

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