My Road to Being a Sex Expert

I am not sure that I intentionally set out to become a sex expert. Rather it was something that I kind of stumbled across, and at the time, I had been working for London escorts for about 7 years. I was not sure that I was ready to give up London escorts, but the opportunity seemed to good to miss out on. After checking things out a bit, I decided that I would cut my hours at the best escorts in London and give it a go. It was not a conventional sort of job, and that suited me after all of that time working long hours before.

The girls at the agency was a bit surprised at me at first. They had not known that I had been running my own relationship website for over a year, and answering questions about sex and relationship issues on a well known site. It had started as a bit of fun, and I had to admit that I would not have thought it would affect my work at London escorts. Like I said to the boss at the London escorts service that I worked for, I was just looking for something to do during the long and cold London winter. That it would lead to an alternative career for me, and eventually let me leave London escorts, was something that surprised me as much as him.

Had London escorts turned me into a bit of a sex expert? I guess that is really the best way you can put it. Anyway, I spent hours online answering questions and making Youtube videos. It was not long before my new job really started to pay off and I was easily matching what I had earned at London escorts. I decided that I would leave London escorts to fully focus on my new career as an online sex expert. The other girls thought I was a bit nuts, but today, I have earned my status on the internet and no one laughs at me anymore.

Working from home can be a bit of a drag, but this is very much what I would call a legit job. I rather enjoy it and it is making me good money. Still, I will always be grateful for my time at London escorts. If it was not for my London escorts career I think that I would have not have got where I am today. In other ways, my life has become more normal if you know what I mean. I don’t any longer have to explain away what I do for a living. Instead I tell people that I meet that I run a relationship website. It is the truth, I do actually run a relationship website. It may be a little bit sexy, but I seem to be doing okay. Does sex sell? It does not seem to matter how you present sex – wherever you mention the word sex – it seems to sell. That applies to the real world and virtual reality as well.

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