Booking Charlton Escorts is the only way to calm myself down.

When I had my fortieth birthday, my girlfriend planned me a surprise party. She was the first person that showed me that kind of appreciation. She tried hard to make my birthday party great. She is a very thoughtful and lovely lady. On the day of my birth, she told me that we should go to a nice restaurant and have a good time with just the two of us. What I did not know that all my family and friends were already at the restaurant ready to surprise me. I did not have a single clue that they will surprise me. When we got to the restaurant, I was very shocked. I did not expect that all of my friends and family are there.


They all made me feel very special. All the people that are very close to me made a speech about me telling me how they love me and care for me. I was in tears. It was the best day of my life. The night was almost perfect if my girlfriend and my mother did not get in a fight. My girlfriend was furious with my mother because she did not think my mom wanted to be there. She said that my mom did not care about me. What she is saying is true, but I am already used to it. My mom hated me when I was just a young boy. She does not think that I am a great child because I am not a high achiever like her.


I don’t have a problem with her because despite her unwillingness to love and appreciate me I still love my mom. But my girlfriend is not okay with it. She said that it is acceptable. She told my mom that they should appreciate me because I am a good hard working man and a loving son. My girlfriend said to me that I should move out of my mom’s house and live with her. I did not want to move out of my mom’s house yet buy my girlfriend is leaving me no choice.


She said that what my family is doing to me is wrong and she wants it to stop. When my girlfriend noticed that I am not enthusiastic about leaving my mom’s house. She got furious at me she wanted me to move out, and I do not want to yet. She asked me to choose between my mom and her. And I prefer my mom. Our breakup was very painful for me, so I booked a Charlton Escorts to help me out. Booking Charlton Escorts at is a right way for me to calm myself down. Charlton Escorts always do their job well.

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