I choose to become a West Midland escort to save me from poverty.

All of us dream of being successful and have a comfortable life. Lucky for those people who are already born wealthy. My life is never satisfied. I have faced a lot of difficulties. I struggle for my everyday living. When I was still a kid, my biological parents throw me in a dump. I was saved by a nun and went to foster care. I am grateful that they have rescued me, but I don’t feel like being there. I live there for almost fifteen years of my life. Every day of my life, my wish is to get adopted and love by foster parents. But life was unfair with me. Every year, one of us here was embraced by our new parents, and I ended up sad because no one liked me. I know that I need to do something for my life. My calling is in the outside world. I have thought of this plan for all of my life to run away here, and I successfully did it. I become a street children, begging for foods or running from cops. I need to be careful since there are also bad guys in the surroundings. I am amazed for every shopping malls and restaurants I have passed by, and wishing myself that someday to come in there. 

After ten years in the street, my life is still the same. I am twenty five years old now. One woman was hit by a car and I ran towards her to help. No one dares to help her, but I brought her to the hospital. She is still not awake for days, and I never leave her. Nurses in the hospital are generous, for a moment, they give me foods to eat. When the women woke up, she thanked me for saving herself. After a week of confinement, she already discharged. She gave me money and bought me clothes. And before she finally leaves, she offers me to become a West Midland escort from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com for my living. I went to the agency and applied. I also saw her there and she assisted me. 

I get hired and gone lot of trainings. I got my first clients and they were so kind, they even give me tips. Because of this career, I have changed my life from a foster child, a beggar, and to a social class lady now. In five years of being an escort, I have bought a home for me. I could also now eat those expensive foods and went to shopping. I can buy whatever I want. I have to look back at the people who save me, I went to the foster care and donated money. I will be forever grateful when I choose to become a West Midland escort save me from poverty.

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